Bubble tea is a very popular drink, but ordering one can feel overwhelming because of all the different options that are available. Looking at a bubble tea menu can feel strange at first, but knowing what to expect will help you order the right drink, and the following are some of the most commonly asked questions about bubble tea along with their answers:

What Kind Of Toppings Are Available?

Tapioca pearls are the standard bubble tea topping, and this is what most people think of whenever they crave bubble tea. While tapioca pearls are popular, there are other options available, including fruit jellies, pudding and popping boba, so you can try new toppings if you want. It’s also interesting to note that bubble tea toppings actually fall to the bottom of the cup, so the name is a little deceiving as these ingredients will be at the bottom of your drink.

Is There A Plain Option?

A classic milk tea would be the closest thing to a plain bubble tea because this is the original bubble tea recipe. This drink is made with black tea, milk, sweetener and tapioca pearls and is considered the original bubble tea flavour. A classic milk tea is a very popular option and is an excellent choice for those trying bubble tea for the first time. You can also order your bubble tea without toppings if you’re not ready for this step.

Can I Choose Not To Add Milk?

Absolutely, you can order whatever flavour you want without adding any dairy. One of the great things about bubble tea is that it is very customizable, so you will get to order a drink you like. Pineapple, strawberry, watermelon, passion fruit and green apple are all wonderful flavours to consider if you want to order bubble tea without milk.

Which Flavour Is Better – Fruit Or Savoury?

This is based on personal preference, and some people love fruit flavours while others prefer savoury, so you need to try both to find your favourite bubble tea flavour. Order something new every time so that you figure out which drink you prefer and if you find that you prefer savoury flavours, then coffee, avocado, coconut and taro are all popular options you can try.

What Type Of Tea Is Used In This Drink?

Black and green tea are used in most tea houses to create the bases for bubble tea. Feel free to ask about the different types of tea that are available when ordering your drink so that you choose the bubble tea flavour you want.

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