Bubble tea is known for its squishy pearls and milky richness. Over many years, people have wondered where bubble tea comes from and why it got so popular. While there are many different stories about different varieties that go back hundreds of years, the story of bubble tea can be ultimately traced back to the ancient times…the 1980s.

Bubble tea is known to have originated in Taipei, although there are a few other cities in Taiwan that try to also claim ownership. Since tea drinking had already become a widely spread practise in East Asia, tea that had milk was not a new concept in Taiwan.

Bubble tea is available in a huge variety of flavours. However, there will always be the standard ingredients: milk and tea. The taste will depend on the fruit and syrup added to the mix. The tapioca balls in your beverage might not change the flavour of the drink too much, but they do end up changing the texture a bit.

Since the standard ingredients of milk and tea are used in most bubble tea bases, this allows you to benefit from drinking it while still having a delicious flavour. Over the years, black and green tea has been proven to have a variety of health benefits associated with it when it comes to improving brain function and metabolism. However, there are even more health benefits involved with bubble tea.

You can also benefit from being able to complete your intake of calories when you drink bubble tea. Research shows that one single serving of bubble tea with tapioca balls rounds out to about 300 calories; this serving also gives you a healthy 38 grams of sugar. An adult’s calorie intake should be around 2,400 calories per day. So bubble tea is not just a guilty pleasure. But in order to reap the benefits of bubble tea, you’ll need to try to stay away from any added sugar and be careful of the toppings you add onto it. When done right, bubble tea could be great for you.

It can even help you strengthen your immune system. One of the most popular flavours of bubble tea is one that contains green tea. Green tea is known to contain a huge range of antioxidants like catechins. This allows your immune system to be at its best and flush out anything that needs flushing from your system. Plus, when you add on fresh fruits, you can get some great vitamins, which further help your immune system.

There is also caffeine in green, black or white teas, making bubble tea a great energy source. While it is best not to overdo it when it comes to consuming these beverages, having a healthier version can help you enhance your metabolism.

When you make the right choices when it comes to choosing the healthiest ingredients, your heart health can benefit as well. When ordering a healthy boba, the anti-inflammatory compounds, in addition to the antioxidants, will strengthen your blood vessels and help your arteries avoid building up plaque.